Welcome to my new research site. Here, I’ll be posting research progress updates, helpful learning resources, etc. It is my hope that this will grow into a repository of papers, videos, project details, discussions and more. Most content will focus on the use of liquid immersion cooling for energy and technical applications. I don’t expect this site to grow overnight – research takes time and will likely continue to be a work in progress. Ultimately I do hope that those of you reading will find some interesting and useful stuff here.

As technology continues to shrink in size while becoming more powerful with each passing year, overheating issues will continue to present an impediment to progress. As the great Albert Einstein quote points out below, we can’t continue to approach the problem of technological overheating as we have in the past (i.e. air)  – it simply isn’t viable. I believe that liquid immersion cooling is an option that can be used to overcome many of the challenges we’re going to face in the years ahead. They warrant a closer look if nothing else. The research that is to be chronicled on this site will be focused on determining whether or not I’m right. I look forward to the journey.